Welcome to The Vale LRP where many factions vie to take the resources from the magical lands where they are created.
Currently there are two factions that the players have access to:

A united conglomerate of countries formed around a heart of religion. They have been on the losing foot since the start, being outwitted and out-matched by the Khanate since the first the Vale Expedition. This has not dulled their inspiration to keep on fighting, despite the loss of many of the things they once knew.

The Federation calls on its greatest heroes to show a shining light to the populace that all can work together to achieve greatness.


A powerful country run by its unstoppable leader and guided by its honoured shaman. The Orclands is one unbroken continent that breeds strong warriors, powerful shaman, and terrifying mages.  Through the wisdom of the High Shaman and the Great Khan; they have been guided to five years of success within The Vale, slicing lands away from their enemies.

Its calls on its heroes to come join the fight, to take all lands into the control of The Khanate.



Freedom of Thought; unrestricting magic to the learned.

Autonomy of Religon; freedom to worship who you wish.

Liberation from Slavery; all start equal in the eyes of the Federation.

In the Khante you are free.

The strongest leads.

If you want to lead, become the strongest.

Example Character Concepts

Knight of a Religious Order fighting for the honour of their God.

Clergy of the Mother come to aid the fight with their wisdom and knowledge of healing.

Skilled Artisan from the Red Isles who wishes to learn more recipes and perfect their art.

A band of mercenaries from the former Shieldlands, looking to regain their reputation and learn more of the demise of their country.

The noble rogue from the Kingdom of Elland, who wishes to aid the Federation with the aquistion of dangerous artifacts to aid their forces.

The young feralian who wishes to prove their worth and gain face to move Pride.

Warleader from the Mountain Orcs, sets forth to conquor new territories

River Goblin captain, who sees themself as an Admiral, sets forth to earn a name worthy of one.

The Tulwar initiate whom understands the demons, wishes to hear their voice for the first time.

Refugees of the Lichfells, band together wreak havok on that which destroyed their home.

The Vampire family whose wish is to learn more about the reactions between resources in the creation of alchemy.