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Dire BeastkinThe People WorkerThe People Magi

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One HandedTwo HandedPolearmDual WieldWeapon & ShieldBowFirearms*


You have a number of skill points as shown in the Abilities Side Tab, please check the skills from below, their costs can be found in the Skills Tab

ApothecarySurgeonForagerProspectorLight ArmourHeavy ArmourMagic ResistantRitual MagicResilient

Guild ApprenticeGuild MemberInitiatePriestNoble

If you have selected either Guild Apprentice / Guild Member please select a crafting type:
Mage CraftWar SmithAlchemist

If you have selected Ritual Magic, please select 6 runes from the side tab:

Please select the build choices for your race.


Please select one of the following:
One HandedWeapon and ShieldDual WieldTwo HandedPolearm

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ICE / EngineerSPIRIT / Ritual Magic

If you have Ritual Magic:

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In the following tabs below you can find additional help with the Character Creation Form, including all of the pictures used in the Player’s Handbook so you can quickly reference what the choices all mean.

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There are two main factions from which the players can come from:

The Orc Khanate; refered to as the Khan’s Camp

The Northern Alliance; referred to as the Duke’s Camp

When creating a character:

  • Select your camp
  • Select your race from the appropriate list based on your camp

Please check that you are using the correct character creation form.

If you selected a living character, the next section has choices which you need to make. If you are a special character you should skip to the appropriate section for your race.


This is an overview of skills, with costs and availability:

Additional Information

Those marked in yellow are politically unavailable skills in the camps, and are subject to change.

Some skills have additional restrictions:

  • You may only be one of Noble, Priest or Guild Member
  • Nobles gain a one point skill of their choice as long as they meet the requirements.
  • Forager / Prospector are mutually exclusive, you cannot get both.
  • Any unspent skill points will become extra hits

Apothecary – can attach bandages to a wounded individual to halt their death count, and can apply a poultice to a wound to stabilise it, in preparation for surgery. Only apothecary’s can apply poultices to wounds

Forager – you specialise at recovering materials from the Vale from plant nodes and processing them into resins and powders.

Prospector – you specialise at recovering materials from the Vale from mineral nodes and processing them into metals and crystals.

Light Armour – the skill to wear light armour, grants 1 extra global hit. Restricts spell casting.

Heavy Armour – the skill to wear heavy armour, grants 3 extra global hits. Restricts spell casting.

Surgeon – the skill to repair a WOUND so that their patients can recover hits with further rest. Surgery is almost exclusively done within the player’s camp. When a surgeon uses their abilities, they may be given or asked to draw a wound card from a ref or crew member that will tell them more about the wound and what they need to do to fix it. See Healing in the Players Handbook pg. 19 for more information.

Magic Resistant – halves the duration of all spells cast upon you.

Ritual Magic – the knowledge and command of several ritual runes that can be used to perform powerful and dangerous rituals in places of power like the ritual circle in the Vale. This skill also allows the character to learn Rites and Acts.

Resilient – stops the first melee blow, or arrow/bolt from a bow/crossbow that would wound, including techniques; apart from FATAL. You must call RESILIENT. After you use this skill you must return to camp and rest for one hour before you can use this skill again. This cannot be used against spells or firearms.

Guild Apprentice – you are part of the crafting guilds and able to create magic item scrolls based on the recipes they provide you with. You should select one of the following at character creation: Mage Crafter; items for wizards, War Smith; items for warriors, or Alchemist; short duration consumables. 

Guild Member – you are trusted with the most advanced recipes, and are the only crafters that can make tier 3 items.

Initiate – Acolyte of the faith, able to stand before their deities; talk to them, perform celebrations and liturgy’s in their names.

Priest – Full Member of the faithful, you are more trusted by your deities, and can perform greater celebrations and liturgy’s in their names.

Noble – You are the leader of group, have the right to talk to your faction leader, and gain other ancillary benefits of your station.

Please put down the letter associated with the Ritual Rune, you will be provided with a sheet that provides the actual rune in your character pack, or you find them here.

Each ritual rune also has a reverse as listed here (you automatically know the reverse of any rune learnt):