The Vale is set in a world which is torn apart by war. Twelve years ago the cataclysm took place: fire rained down from the sky, the ground trembled and bucked mountains rose and fell. When people came out of the places where they had been taking refuge they discovered a very different world to the one they had known. The landscape had changed forever.

They also discovered that their world had been invaded by enemy forces. The humans and their beastkin allies are servants of the gods and sworn to destroy the demon worshiping orcs and their allies the undead. The orcs and their goblin allies feel the same way about the humans who they view as enslaved by the gods while the demons are powerful beings that they trade with honestly (if carefully).

The Vale is a magical place where it is possible to obtain great magics for the war effort. Each side sends regular expeditions to this place to recover these resources and to deny them to the enemy. Players come into this world on one side or other of the conflict either in the Duchess’ camp with the humans and beastkin or in the Khan’s camp with the orcs, goblins and undead.


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Setting and Period

The Vale is set in a late pseudo-medieval fantasy world. You will find cultures from the dark ages like the Northmen and the Plains Orcs, through the medieval period like the Kingdom itself, to the early renaissance period with cultures like the River Goblins and the remnants of the Republic of Quadac. There are primitive hand guns as well as swords and armour. Magic forms a key part of the world and many characters will have some ability in this area.

The Known World

The known world changed thirteen years ago with the cataclysm and the days of fire. The Republic of Qadac was destroyed and the last bastions of humanity are the Kingdom, the Theocracy and the Northlands. The Orclands have fared little better, as have the lands of the Undead.