A long time has passed in this our Theocracy where we have not changed, and we would not like to become complacent like the Designer’s Republic; corrupt, lifeless, and decadent.

So now Archimandrite it is time for change.

Our child that we belovedly call The Warrior has grown up to a beautiful young lady, an adult in her own right. As a child she cared for those that fight and bring war to our enemies, but now as an adult she takes on more responsibility; for the Crafters that make the weapons of war, and the integration of all races into the Ordained in the Theocracy.

May our glorious Warrior guide the hands of those that start the healing process of our society.

Such joy is replaced by sadness, though, at the loss of our child; and so, we came together once more and have brought into this world a new child.

We introduce our Son, The Acolyte

Granting him the portfolios of knowledge and magic, that he be allowed by our sides and in the hearts and minds of our people in the Theocracy, and wherever magic is learnt.

We ask that a primary place of worship be built in Vâlannar, the City of Towers, to be known as The Acolyte’s Study.

We are no longer the three, and we are stronger and more powerful for it.

We are the four.


These are the words of the Father and Mother, written down by Archimandrite al-Siddiqui

E14 – The Four

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