Expedition 14

Whilst news of the quiet marriage in Sarqand of King Edric and Ser Kaylen broke, and the first of what we suspect is a number of plays for power occurs within the nobility of Elland, the gods, specifically the Father

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E14 – The Four

A long time has passed in this our Theocracy where we have not changed, and we would not like to become complacent like the Designer’s Republic; corrupt, lifeless, and decadent. So now Archimandrite it is time for change. Our child

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Expedition 13

Information from the Expedition is sketchy at best, but even the Theocracy is not denying that the Queen, forgotten by many, made her presence known in the Fane. In other god related news, the Father once more welcomed the Designer

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A Call To Arms

A Call to Arms

All races of the Northern Alliance read the proclamation of your leader.