The County of Styrmont is a smaller region in the west of the marches. It has historically been a place protected by the mountains in the south and Wolfnesse in the east. Count Gwylam of House Styrmont holds sway over the region and his armies patrol the edges of the Mountains of Fire, constantly watching for any incursion from that direction.

Count Gwylam resides in the city of Greymere in the centre of the region. The count has a particular fascination with magic and the avians of Cloud Peak. Due to this fact, the count encourages many of the avian wizards to live in the city and even has a pair of these beastkin as apprentices to his court wizard.

Cloud Peak

In the foothills of the Mountains of Fire in the county of Styrmont, a single crag of rock towers into the skies. It is here in this impressive landmark, the elegant and striking lofts of the Avian-kin are to be found. They have named the place Cloud Peak and it has become their home within human lands.

The avian beastkin aid their human allies wherever possible and Count Gwylam’s fascination with magic means that Cloud Peak has many visitors from his court. He in turn, has had his court wizard take a pair of avian apprentices.

County of Styrmont
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