Where once the Kingdom of Elland was just a minor border region at the outer edge of the Republic, the cataclysm and the destruction of the Republic has left them as the largest significant bastion of human resistance. There may be other regions beyond the lands now held by the Undead or the orcs or even beyond the seas where other groups of humans are holding out (or even are living in blissful ignorance of the invaders). However, so far as the people of these lands know they are the only human survivors and humanity’s future will depend on them and their sometimes reluctant allies.

To the North of the Kingdom lies the Rime Sea to the north east and the mountainous lands of the Northmen. In the West The Theocracy stands separate as the land of the gods and to the east the Shieldlands stand between Elland and the Undead threat of the Council of Seven.

The Kingdom is organised into many distinctive areas, falling into one of three regions:

The map below shows their make up:

The Days of Fire brought the fall of the Qadaq Republic. With this collapse, the Kingdom of Elland went from a small satellite nation in the shadow of its vast neighbor, to the largest known concentration of humanity in this part of the world.

Kingdom of Elland
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