The Orc Khanate is primarily a nation that thrives on a barter system caring little for currency in the way that the humans do. The towns that do exist in the Orclands, deal with the nomad tribes and exchange food and exotic goods for furs and other hunted and foraged. The River Clans like the look of wealth and power and the feeling of superiority that those trappings bring, but ultimately they don’t care about the actual monetary value of these things. Rather, they worry about how good it makes them look in the strut.

The tinkers have a system of currency known as the Cog. The bronze silver and gold Cog system of currency is the normal token system used to measure wealth and rates of exchange for goods and services inside The Pit. The Goblin exchange rates fluctuate alarmingly quickly within The Pit and it is almost impossible to use outside due to the need to understand how much a cog is worth at any given time. Suffice to say that tinkers usually have their ears to the ground enough that they have a general idea of the relative worth.

When the demons showed the way to the Vale to the shaman they told them that rewards for souls and other items of interest would be paid for with what they called Shards. These small gem like crystals come directly from the demons beyond the mirror and it is unsure at this time what they are exactly.

These tokens are very important because the Tinker Clan needs them to use the Machine in order to make the many items that they craft. They are also useful for bargaining with the demons so the shaman covet them and the demons say they are important for rituals.

The Currency

Their full name is Soul Shards, and it is widely believed that the souls of their enemies are placed within the shards of crystal. The soul part of their name has been dropped when it was found that the gathering of souls was altogether possible within the Vale.


These clear glass shards are the base currency. One equals one shard.

The slightly longer and thicker pale green crystals are worth four shards.

A light green lozenge crystal is worth ten shards

The dark green larger lozenge crystal is worth forty shards.

The rarely seen smokey teardrop crystal is worth one hundred shards.

Lastly the deep green teardrop crystal is worth four hundred shards


Rumours exist of two even larger crystals, one clear and the other black being worth one and four thousand shards, respectively.

Only a great khan would have such wealth though, surely?!

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