Before the Days of Fire there were no Beastkin! When the invaders appeared so did they. They are young, and eager, acknowledged by the gods as their children.They live brutal, short lives fighting in a war they know little about.


Amongst the people that are faithful to the Gods, a select few are Chosen for a higher calling. Even to the faithful priesthood of the Theocracy the selection process seems at times random and chaotic, but one thing is true.

Dire Beastkin

Within the Northern Alliance there are beasts that are larger than their cousins the Beastkin. Known as either Dire Beastkin, or Direkin, they are larger and more savage, exhibiting great strength and resilience, far beyond human or beastkin endurance. Their


Within human lands, the dominant people of the elves are the Ethrin (“the people” in their old tongue). These elves live within human society but also apart from it: while they live side by side they are not truly accepted,


Not all the elves chose to live under human rule. After The Fall during the period when the Ethrin became integrated into human society, a number of elves fled the cities choosing to live as exiles on the outskirts of


By far the greatest population of the Northern Alliance is the race of humans. The Kingdom of Elland is composed of a noble structure which is almost entirely human, with many knightly orders which favor humans over other races. In


The greatest population of the Orc Khanate are the Plains tribes orcs that are united under the Kargun, Great Khan of the Orc Khanate. The orc life is one of survival of the strongest, with regular testing to make sure

The People

Arriving during Expedition 8; The People are the last remnants of a once great civilization that was all but eradicated by war with the Council of Liches. Newly created People know little to nothing about the war they lost. They


“We were once a people of balance. We worshipped the seven with equal reverence. Our cities were vast and wondrous, and our churches were the grandest buildings in the Homelands. Trade was booming and our culture rich. Until, that was,