Duncan of House Tarren, Member of Lady Elsbeth of Tarren’s household guard.

The Duchy of Tarren is at the very heart of the Kingdom of Elland. It is here, from the city of Ironmark that King Edric Shadowbane rules his kingdom and oversees the day to day maintenance of the realm and the war in the south.

Tarren is historically the home of House Tarren who have held the seat of power since before the Days of Fire. Duchess Elsbeth Tarren, the current ruler inherited the title in her own right and rules the duchy. She is related directly to the king and has his favour in all things. Lady Elsbeth is extended the protection of the Lion Guard and has the power of high and low justice over her lands. Only in Ironmark does this formidable ruler give way to the direct rulership of the king. It is not surprising to think that the petition to explore the Vale would be gifted to one in such high esteem…

Tarren is a land of rolling hills and flat grasslands. It is dotted with forests and woodland that are farmed for the great Elland oak the strongest timber in all the human lands. The Wall of Iron in the Shieldlands is made of iron banded oak from the forests of Elland and stands as a testament to their durability.

Royal Tarren is a land of heraldry and nobility. The purple and white of the King flies next to the red and gold of the Duchess. Along with these there are many other smaller houses that call Tarren home, all owing fealty to either Elsbeth or King Edric directly.


In the centre of the Duchy of Tarren lies the vast walled city of Royal Ironmark. The current king, Edric of House Shadowbane, rules Elland from his seat of power, surrounded by his most trusted family and advisers, protected by the Lion Guard. It is here in Ironmark, the new crafting guilds have made their home. One whole quarter of the city is given over to the Mage Crafters, Alchemists, Warsmiths and the Academy of Magic. Acting under royal patent The Guilds work to create new weapons and devices to give the Northern Alliance an edge in the ongoing conflict. With the discovery of the Vale, The Guilds are hopeful that new, more powerful weapons of war will be available and they yearn for the resources that this magical place will yield.

Ironmark is the most well defended city in Elland. The king and his family are afforded a level of protection that is unsurpassed in the rest of the realm. The Lion Guard patrol the city and the Duchy of Tarren, keeping a firm grip on the law and deal out the King’s Justice wherever it is needed.

Duchy of Tarren
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