The Great Khan is wise to point out that once you are within the lands of the Orc Khanate you are free from the tyranny of the humans, free from the chains of the oppressors who would enslave you. But not all races are accepted within the Orc Khanate, and many of their former aggressors are banned from every attaining freedom for the crimes they have committed.

Within the Orclands the races agree to follow the wants of the demons, to heed the advise of the shaman, and to live by the rules of the warlords, and within the Lichfells the unliving agree to follow the will of the council, and obey the rule of the Great Khan.



The greatest population of the Orc Khanate are the Plains Tribes orcs that are united under the Kargun, Great Khan of the Orc Khanate. The orc life is one of survival of the strongest, with regular testing to make sure that the one in charge is fit to be there.


Wherever you find Orcs in the Khanate you will find their physically weaker and smaller kin the Goblins. But don’t let their stature fool you, the cunning that is attributed to Orc tribes, clans and kin-bands comes predominately from the goblins living within them.


When it comes to tinkering, the goblins aren’t the only ones that play at it. The Shaman of the Pyre do their own brand, creating new beings for the Great Khan, output from the breeding pools, the sludge of life that all orcs and goblins come from.


After the Days of Fire the lines were drawn; the war became a global effort for survival. At this time the were no elves living within the Orc Khanate, but that was to change.


The breeding pits always has some anomalies which causes the creation of monsters. A few of these survive and are allowed to join one of the tribes, or left to live their life in a dark hole somewhere, or under a bridge…


In every corner of the Orc Khanate lands the demons are worshipped and obeyed. Some are selected by them to serve on a more personal level.


Joining the fight in the 5th year of the fighting for the resources from the Vale are a race of humans from the far south of the Desert of Glass

The Council of Liches

The Lich King might not be in control, but from the dark heart of Sobrek, his council comprising of Arkad of the Iron Mantle, Nihil the Desolate, the Pale One of the Steel Eye, Hammurabi the Architect, and Ur-Namu the White Sepulchre rule the forces that were under his command.

Their necromancers hold within their phylacteries the souls of their ever-living soldiers, scouts, and mages, to bring forth into the fight time and time again.


A recent addition to the forces of the Orc Khanate, these individuals have came foward towards the end of the 12th year after the Days of Fire to swear loyalty to the Great Khan. It is unknown whether they have been in the Lichfells all this time, or are something completely new created by a Lich, or a manifestation of the Vale itself.

The Free Peoples
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