Established years before the Days of Fire, The Lion Guard are the personal guard of the royal house of Elland. This august and elite body of troops are the guardians of the royal family and make up all bodyguards and protection details for the King’s family.

The Lion Guard has a reputation for being fanatical about the protection of the crown and will defend their charge to the detriment of themselves and all others. They have a royal edict that allows them to exercise any means necessary to protect their charges and they are resolute in the execution of their duty.

Following the Days of Fire, it was the Lion Guard who helped the current king, Edric rise to the throne after his father was killed in an attack on Ironmark by the forces of the Lich known as the Desolate. When the dust settled it was clear who the Guard had chosen. Of other claimants to the throne nothing was heard and King Edric Shadowbane inherited the crown.

The Lion Guard have also been charged with the stewardship of the guild of swordmasters. It was created at the same time as the other guilds to train students in the use of new skills and talents that were needed for weapons and armour being created by the War Smiths. The Grand Master of this guild is always the Current Knight General of The Lion Guard and it is for this reason that the War Smiths and The Lion Guard are considered to have very close relationship.

Dowager Duchess Elsbeth of House Tarren has been the new King’s staunchest supporter throughout the war and as a reward for this loyalty the new monarch decreed that The Lion Guard would now consider those of the Dukes family to be part of their charge and to this day it is rare to see ranking nobles of this house without the protection of a cadre of Lion Guard.

The Guard wear the purple and white of House Shadowbane. The Officers wear an insignia on the upper left of their tabards that denotes their rank, worn in the knowledge that they are the most trusted and high ranking men in the Kingdom. To be a Lion Guard officer is to be sure in the knowledge that you have been tested in battle on the front lines of the war against the Great Khan whilst serving in the regular forces of one of the other armies of Elland. Only after proving yourself in battle by serving for five years on the front lines can you be considered for the Guard and even then only if recommended.

Lion Guard soldiers are fiercely proud of their positions and the traditions that they uphold. They consider nobility the highest form of authority and respect the rule of the nobles as inviolate, it being by extension the will of the King himself.

Currently the king has tasked the Knight General of The Lion Guard and a small detachment to travel to the Vale with Duchess Elsbeth to protect the family interests on the expedition …

The Lion Guard
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