Through the pyre we left, hurling our bodies over embers and flame to discover a new land. Magic parted and fire led to fortunes as a great expedition made landfall in a long unexplored place.

Led by our mighty Khan and the great voice of the King himself. None of us stood there as soldiers or servants but as explorers upon a distant shore. Each a member of a grand union of walking dead and Khanate kin that had been arranged moons ago.

Although the land was new and strange. We were not alone in our discovery. The kingdoms of men had made their claim and the vale itself was not vast enough to hide it from us. Great battle rained down upon their encampment and for days they hid, no longer having vast walls to protect them.

But time was short and the days we had there were not long enough for the power they held. I believe our world will never stand the same again for the discovery of this place. The promises of great battles and of plundered treasure are enough to tempt the powerful from their thrones and even turn the slaves to masters.

Listen to the winds and you will hear the stories whispered of these days and then tell me you do not believe such a place will tip the balance of the world and in ways we have not seen since the Days of Fire.

– Pandora, First of her breed. Herald of the White Sepulcher

Making Landfall