Let me tell you, I was there the day the Voice of our king reached across the map of the world. I saw his cold dead hand wrapping around the meaty fingers of the Great Khan as they agreed to divide the world of men between them. I saw them agree to the details of an alliance and the beginning of the end of the world of men. I was the first of my kind to have ever been present in the company of the Great Khan and not suffered his axe’s mercy…

Never before have I pawed my claws across the map of the world and felt like they had the power to flatten the cities of man. I recited each ones name for the Voice, boasting proudly of the pale fleets and their devastating raids across the coasts of three nations.

The demon woman with the tainted eyes wished to claim The Red Isles for the demons she serves. Let her have that place I thought, those souls are made of fire, it is a bad place for the likes of us. She would start however by pushing her influence into the cities of The Theocracy, souring milk and failing their crops. This would be a subtle herald to the call of the Great Khan rallying his war host from across vast wolf trekked plains.

Battle and carnage will come to the nations of men in all the places their grand walls do not defend. Death and only death will come to the beasts that serve them blindly, I cannot say I feel any great sympathy for them but I realise that there must be others of my kind to find before the axe falls.

And of the elves, nothing was said, they had not yet earned their place at this table…

-Pandora, Necromancer of the White Sepulcher

At the table of the King and the Khan