The Vale LRP

is a high fantasy live-action competitive faction-based roleplaying game. Two factions compete for resources, power, and magic that can only be found in the lands of The Vale.

A coalition, formed around the beating heart of religion, led by the will of the Gods.

The Human race is the most populous by afar. Joined by the creative Ethrin and secretive Feralian elves, and the ferocious Beastkin. Monsters of legend, the Direkin, wander through to lend a hand.

From the Planes of Life, heroes of the war, brought back to fight once more; Revenants. On the horizon the Wyldkin of the woodlands and rives bring new hope

A powerful continent ruled by the strongest, guided by the shaman, and led by the Demons.

You will find the ingenious Goblins and fierce Orc tribes formed from the breeding pirts of the shaman. Hobgoblins and Abominations join them, by-products of experiments gone wrong.

First generation Haiesti; elven rebels from Elland, that moved continents to remove the shackles of slavery, and the Unliving fleeing their own lands, after its recent destruction.




Choose your side!