All our events are held at at Huntley Wood in Staffordshire. Further information, including maps and directions, are available on their website at

Accommodation will be camping in character in either the Duke’s Camp or the Khan’s Camp, or out of character in the OOC camping field.

The site has flushing toilets and hot showers. While the events are not catered, food and drink will be available from vendors on site.

Details of this will be available nearer the time, keep an eye on the forums for more information.

In character camping and cooking is strongly encouraged.

If you are bringing a large group to the in-character camping area, please contact us with details of the number and size of tents your group will be bringing, so that we can ensure there is adequate space for you in your chosen camp.

This is the layout of the site, though the actual locations of each of the camps is subject to change and so is not referenced here; you can find it in the event guide.

The cross-hatched area is all out of character, including all toilet blocks, and shower facilities.