We have a reasonable number of rules, and that leads to questions being asked about them.

Below are a number of those questions, and offical answers.



Souls reaped from your own faction members will be passed directly to the reigning pantheon in the faction’s Eternal Reign.

You cannot gain the soul shard of any of your own faction members that you soul reap.


Physicians require the use of physician tools to perform the skill of Life Stealing. They could only use a Bane Weapon in the same way as anyone else could use one. Only one instance of soul reaping can occur on the victim from any number of sources.

Any use of an ability to remove more that one soul shard will have a lammie with the specifics on it.


Delay Death is lengthens the time a character has to recieve healing. Just as a physician cannot perform first aid on an enemy.

In the next iteration of the rules, we will confirm all healing effects.

The Bearer must be carrying a magic banner that allows the skills to be used on family members.

Whilst the banner Bearer chants, the nominated effect is suppressed. If the Bearer ceases chanting before the effect runs out then it will resume with whatever duration is remaining on the effect.

i.e. a retinue member is feared for 10s. The banner bearer chants “by the power of House Vortigon I grant immunity to Fear”, repeating it for the duration. Whilst chanting any members of the retinue close to the banner bearer are not subject to Fear.

Warsmiths can repair broken weaponry in your faction’s camp with time and roleplay. Currently the only way to repair weapons whilst outside your factions boundaries is through the use of the Mend racial spell.