Known as the second city, Almitra is the jewel in the crown of the Theocracy’s coast; situated to the west of Sarqand. The bay of Almitra offers natural weather defences, and the port-city itself is fortified by a great boom-chain, hung between arcane mirror towers. It guards the approach to the bay from any naval incursion from the Khan’s forces

Metin of Almintra, Janissary of the 3rd Kalahian Orta

and can be raised to close off the port to all vessels.

Before the Days of Fire, trade here thrived, with contact established from far distant places now long-lost to the Cataclysm. Trade today is a shadow of its former glory. There was a time when merchant ships came from as far as the Lei-Yu Archipelago and the Despotate of Khor-Lhi. Now, these visits have all but stopped. The crews of the final ships to make anchorage in Almitra spoke in hushed tones of terrible monsters plaguing their homelands. It has been years since the city has entertained such visitors. Trade ships still arrive from closer destinations, but these are becoming less regular and are now mostly zealous missionaries and witch hunters from The Red Isles returning to preach their harsh sermons and beliefs to a priesthood they feel is weak and lost.

The city itself is a built of white rock. Merchant villas and spectacular mansions dominate the architecture with ornate shrines in cloistered prayer-gardens seen everywhere, their attending priests famous for their charity. On the coast of the bay lies the hermitage of the rocks, where penitent heretics are allowed to live out their lives in quite prayer and isolation.

Almitra is famous for its holy springs and healing wells, and is held as sacred to the Mother. The many columns of her white temple stand proudly above the cliffs overlooking the port. Even distant ships can see the great, alabaster statue of the Mother, in her guise as protector of the weak standing tall: her spear pointed out towards the rising moon with a faithful hound at her side.

Almitrans are sociable, and keen witted folk; so it comes as no surprise that many Theocracy diplomats, missionaries and merchants hail from the bay of Almitra.

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