Council of Liches

The Council of Liches are the created race of undead. Every single one has chosen to enter into a pact with a powerful necromancer in order to preserve their soul and prolong their life (or unlife), potentially indefinitely. Once the


Wherever you find Orcs in the Khanate you will find their physically weaker and smaller kin the Goblins. But don’t let their stature fool you, the cunning that is attributed to Orc tribes, clans and kin-bands comes predominately from the


After the Days of Fire the lines were drawn; the war became a global effort for survival. At this time the were no elves living within the Orc Khanate, but that was to change. Three years later, what occurred will


When it comes to tinkering, the goblins aren’t the only ones that play at it. The Shaman of the Pyre do their own brand, creating new beings for the Great Khan, output from the breeding pools, the sludge of life


The greatest population of the Orc Khanate are the Plains tribes orcs that are united under the Kargun, Great Khan of the Orc Khanate. The orc life is one of survival of the strongest, with regular testing to make sure

River Clans

In the ancient times of the Orcs there had always been a sacred principle that Might makes Right. The strongest led. The society that evolved always put brains over brawn and in this, the progenitors of what would become the

The Free Peoples

The Great Khan is wise to point out that once you are within the lands of the Orc Khanate you are free from the tyranny of the humans, free from the chains of the oppressors who would enslave you. But

The Great Below

Those who have the made the active choice to become a minion of the lichs’ have done so for various reasons: A desire for protection, revenge or because they simply fear death, some people have chosen to give their soul


“We were once a people of balance. We worshipped the seven with equal reverence. Our cities were vast and wondrous, and our churches were the grandest buildings in the Homelands. Trade was booming and our culture rich. Until, that was,


Little is known about these creatures, though rumours circulate through every culture about creatures that prey on others in the darkness of night. Their first appearence was at Vale Expedition 13… they seem well spoken and magically savvy.