Desert of Glass

In the southern plains of the Orclands there is a vast sandy expanse known as the Desert of Glass. The intense heat and barren landscape makes this area hard to live in and the nomadic plains orcs have no need


The Homelands is the home of the Tulwar. It is all that remains since the Rebirth, and very few of the towns from that era remain. Located south of the Desert of Glass; for many generations they have remained hidden


Before the cataclysm the western edge of the Republic butted up against the eastern border of the Kingdom. Following the Days of Fire a ridge of land known as the Great Escarpment forced its way up through the bedrock and


The lands to the south of the great river were much wetter but changes have occurred here where the land has become open plains and savannah. This region is now under the dominion of the orcs under their warlord, the

River Clans

In the ancient times of the Orcs there had always been a sacred principle that Might makes Right. The strongest led. The society that evolved always put brains over brawn and in this, the progenitors of what would become the

The Pit

A sprawling metropolis of industry and invention, separated into four quarters of madness and mayhem. The alchemist’s quarter, the spell forger’s quarter provides a function similar to the Mage Crafters of the kingdom and enables the more magic oriented warriors