Important People

This is a collection of some of the important movers and shakers within the Free Peoples. Kargun Khan Shaman Lord Gulgrim The Pale One Scarpa Ogryn, Possessed of Rage If you think you are worthy of being included in this

Kargun Khan

The Great Khan of the Orc Khanate. He took the position by might, and has held it against all those that contest it with him. It is said that any warlord can challenge for the position of Great Khan, once.

Ogryn, Possessed of Rage

The scourge of the Northern Alliance. It has been hard to find a good likeness due to the dangers of trying to sketch such a dangerous individual… but one intrepid goblin got a him to stand still long enough to


A tinker clan goblin, who knows his way around a machine or two.  

Shaman Lord Gulgrim

The high shaman and leader of the Pyre. He works closely with the Demons, informing the Orc Khanate of their wishes. The work of the high shaman is frequently taxing, and as such Gulgrim is frequent the bars and relaxes

The Pale One

A lich on the council which runs the Lichfells, the leader of the Steel Eye.