Swords of the Mother

Across the Kingdom of Elland there are many orders of nobility that noble men and women can join for glory and honour. There are few however that exist for purely selfless reasons. The Order of Benevolent Knights known as the

The Legio Canis

The Beastkin that are in service to and are allied with the Northern Alliance are generally treated as commoners by the people of the Elland. The one notable exception where the Kingdom is concerned is the Legio Canis or Legion

The Lion Guard

Established years before the Days of Fire, The Lion Guard are the personal guard of the royal house of Elland. This august and elite body of troops are the guardians of the royal family and make up all bodyguards and

The Order of Scarlet Redemption

There exists in every society a particular group that believes that the end justifies the means. In the Kingdom of Elland this group is the Order of the Knights of Scarlet Redemption. The order was formed in the days before