A Captain’s Tale

He sauntered through the aftermath of the battle whistling tunelessly to himself, following a trail of blood to a human crawling away from the carnage. Bright colours and armour, a noble probably, but he didn’t really care. A quick look

At the table of the King and the Khan

Let me tell you, I was there the day the Voice of our king reached across the map of the world. I saw his cold dead hand wrapping around the meaty fingers of the Great Khan as they agreed to

Council of Liches

The Council of Liches are the created race of undead. Every single one has chosen to enter into a pact with a powerful necromancer in order to preserve their soul and prolong their life (or unlife), potentially indefinitely. Once the

Demons in the Orc Khanate

When the Seer opens the gateway to the Vale for the Great Khan and his forces move through, one of the first things that is created is the Black Mirror. The demon or demons then takes up residence in the

Desert of Glass

In the southern plains of the Orclands there is a vast sandy expanse known as the Desert of Glass. The intense heat and barren landscape makes this area hard to live in and the nomadic plains orcs have no need


Wherever you find Orcs in the Khanate you will find their physically weaker and smaller kin the Goblins. But don’t let their stature fool you, the cunning that is attributed to Orc tribes, clans and kin-bands comes predominately from the


After the Days of Fire the lines were drawn; the war became a global effort for survival. At this time the were no elves living within the Orc Khanate, but that was to change. Three years later, what occurred will


The Homelands is the home of the Tulwar. It is all that remains since the Rebirth, and very few of the towns from that era remain. Located south of the Desert of Glass; for many generations they have remained hidden

Important People

This is a collection of some of the important movers and shakers within the Free Peoples. Kargun Khan Shaman Lord Gulgrim The Pale One Scarpa Ogryn, Possessed of Rage If you think you are worthy of being included in this

Kargun Khan

The Great Khan of the Orc Khanate. He took the position by might, and has held it against all those that contest it with him. It is said that any warlord can challenge for the position of Great Khan, once.