A Captain’s Tale

He sauntered through the aftermath of the battle whistling tunelessly to himself, following a trail of blood to a human crawling away from the carnage. Bright colours and armour, a noble probably, but he didn’t really care. A quick look

At the table of the King and the Khan

Let me tell you, I was there the day the Voice of our king reached across the map of the world. I saw his cold dead hand wrapping around the meaty fingers of the Great Khan as they agreed to

Karudinash, City of Rogues

Home, I remember my last journey there… My cold, dead senses could smell the atmosphere and my feet felt the rotting floorboards of the dock through my boots. I stepped off the drakkar that had brought me from the Fleets

Making Landfall

Through the pyre we left, hurling our bodies over embers and flame to discover a new land. Magic parted and fire led to fortunes as a great expedition made landfall in a long unexplored place. Led by our mighty Khan

Stories of the Vale

Orc Khanate This is a collection of works written by our players whilst part of the Orc Khanate. A Captain’s TaleAt the table of the King and the KhanKarudinash, City of RoguesMaking LandfallThe Red Ritual Northern Alliance This is a

Tales of the Orc Khanate

Over time tales and stories are built up of the deeds and courage of those that fight against clan, khan, and the Northern Alliance. These works are collected here. A Captain’s Tale At the table of the King and the

The Face Rippers Tale

The Shaman stretched his tired bones and shifted his weight to get more of his body into the warmth the fire was giving out. He was tired now, too tired to run with the tribe and fight and hunt with

The Red Ritual

The ground wept for it was bloody and the earth drank deeply of that wine. Sons and daughters of the kingdoms taken before their life’s story was fully told. “Is this what a victory looks like?” I asked myself as