Academy of Magic

The Academy of Magic and Practical Studies, to give it its full name, which covers the elemental schools of fire, lightning, and ice, and the schools of spirit, mind, and ritual magic. Before the Cataclysm learning the arcane arts took


Alchemical laboratories are home to some of the strangest smelling, poisonous and most volatile substances in the known world. As such, alchemists are usually given an extremely wide berth: the only other guilds willing to have the Approved Alchemy Association

Mage Crafters

Few outsiders appreciate (or have the time to study) the intricacies of the Mage Crafter’s Guild. Though several smaller, independent societies and conventions of enchanted crafting existed before the Great Cataclysm, the new guild has centralised the power. Some would


Since the Days of Fire, both the military leaders and guild leaders have formally decreed that the new Sword-Masters Guild will have the first right of training in martial matters. Led by the respected Lion Guard, the Swordmasters Guild is

War Smiths

Beneath the proud sign of the crossed hammers, the smithing yards of Ironmark ring with the busy, repeated ring of metal on metal. Skilled smiths have always been in high demand and the formation of the new, War-Smithing Guild only