Known as the second city, Almitra is the jewel in the crown of the Theocracy’s coast; situated to the west of Sarqand. The bay of Almitra offers natural weather defences, and the port-city itself is fortified by a great boom-chain,


In the very beginnings of the Theocracy it was hard for the religious folk who followed the Gods to understand or comprehend their guidance. It was the Magister that changed this; teaching the Gods about their followers in ways that

Grand Circle of Faith

The Theocracy are an absolutist state ruled by the divine representative of the Father, the Archimandrite, and a group of the highest-ranking priests, the Hierophants. They are the Grand Circle of the Faith. From their great Palace of Light the

Grey Vigil

Feared and respected in equal measure, the Grey Vigil are the guardians of the faith. They fulfil the roles of strike-force and secret police, specialising in the investigation of unnatural creatures and dark magic. Their priestly leadership works undercover, operating


Beyond the Bay of Almitra to the far South-West lies the vast territory of Istrinah: a land of rolling dunes and ancient customs. Here, it often takes many days to travel across the sands to the nearest neighbouring settlements, which

Janissary Soldiers

Historically there have always been children left orphaned, abandoned by refugees escaping famine or war in other lands, or Theocracy children born out of wedlock. These forgotten youngsters are taken in by the temples of the Mother; some are destined


The imposing town turned stronghold of Kalash in the south stands on the volcanic plains in the shadow of the Mountains of Fire. Formerly a trading hub between Almitra and old Qadaq, the sun is now darkened by volcanic activity,


On the windswept plains of Shemasra, at the fork of the great river Zybris stands the great capital of the Theocracy and spiritual home of all the faithful, Sarqand. Known as the silk city and place of a thousand masks,


Tarnova is known as the water city, built at the head of the estuary of great river Zybris before it flows into the Rime Sea at the Thundermouth. Above it lie the Northlands; with the dark forests, with the keeps

Temple Guard

Due to their extensive use of Janissary soldiers, the martial pursuits are less prevalent in The Theocracy than in other human lands. Local militias exist, but for the well-to-do citizens of the temple cities, the ultimate military honour is to