The Council of Liches are the created race of undead. Every single one has chosen to enter into a pact with a powerful necromancer in order to preserve their soul and prolong their life (or unlife), potentially indefinitely.

Once the pact has been made, the physical form is killed and then restored to life by the necromancer, to become its minion, and learn its place in the society of the Lichfells.

There are five factions that make up the undead council:

Iron Mantle, led by Arkad; they are warriors that augment their forms with weapons and dark armour.

Desolate, led by Nihil; who cares little for their form, but as a means to an end, to destroy life with blight, sickness and disease.

Steel Eye, led by The Pale One; seafarers who seek to control the icy northern seas, they have started to learn insights into elemental magics.

Architect, Hammurabi and his crazed necromancers; they study the refining of the undead form, modification for self-improvement. Rumors that he is mad, are often short of the truth!

White Sepulchre, led by Ur-Namu; diplomats and traders, the newest of the lineages to join the council. Their flexibilities show when they can adopt aspects of other lineages without becoming part of them. They grease the wheels of cooperation between council members.

Minimum Phys Rep

All exposed skin white, dark lines radiating from the eyes like veins. Necromancers generally prefer robes marked with symbols and runes, and an increasing volume of script cover their skin as they work with the souls of other creatures. A mark of their lineage somewhere amongst their costume.


Sauron from Middle Earth, Army of Darkness, Necromancy and Undead in various video games; Diablo, Warcraft, & Elder Scrolls to name a few.

Council of Liches
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