In the east, the Deepmoor Barrens stand between the merchant states of Tyrras and Toleda and the rest of the Southern Marches.

This land on the edge of the Kingdom was caught on the edges of the Cataclysm. The Ashbriar Forest in the south west was reduced to a deep swampland and the rest of the land fared little better.

The fields and hills of Deepmoor were laid bare and it exists now as a dusty plain where little life can abide. The towns of this region are fortified bastions of defence against both the enemy and the elements. The ruler of this unfortunate land is the Countess Ingrid of House Deepmoor. She resides in Redmeer in the centre of the county.

Life in the county is hard. With the Days of Fire devastating the land, farming is hard. The countess imports food from the north and has been known to deal with Tyrras in the east for necessities. The majority of the Countess’ forces are used to bolster the defenses of Haryn’s wall and also to keep a standing garrison on the eastern border to watch for mercenary and bandit incursions. The reptile kin in the Ashbriar Swamps look at the duchess as something of a savior however, and are fanatically loyal to her cause. There are at least a score of them at any given time acting as guards to her personal household, a fact that is frowned upon by other nobles. The countess has learned however that in her lands any help freely given must be accepted for the betterment and survival of house Deepmoor …

Ashbriar Swamp

The Ashbriar Forest was destroyed during the Days of Fire, flooding with waters from the Stryic as well as the many smaller rivers that wound through it. The small towns and forts along its edge were flooded and abandoned as the Deepmoor Barrens felt the sting of the Cataclysm.

Now the Ashbriar Swamp is all that remains of this once towering and impressive forest. It is a place of treacherous deeps and sinkholes that are next to impossible to navigate. Its depths are unexplored by any human and it is said that terrifying creatures now inhabit the black pools and inlets of this new landmark …

Only the reptilian beastkin that were given this place as a home can safely navigate its interior. They live and patrol within its borders ensuring that no incursion from the swamps will ever threaten the Kingdom.

The Tree

Within the heart of the Ashbriar Swamp it is rumoured that a single oak tree stands, its roots clinging to a patch of pure green grass an echo of the forest of old.

Recent History

With the appointment of Her Majesty Elsbeth Wyrmsbane, the Chancellor of Elland; Count Konrad Graben recently announced the marriage of his son to Countess Ingrid of Deepmoor. Countess Ingrid will be moving to the ancestral homes in Graben to attain the title: Her Grace, Lord Ingrid of House Graben, Duke of Graben. Replacing her, Lord Gwylam has been recognised for his staunch work and been appointed Count of Deepmoor.

County of Deepmoor
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