When the Seer opens the gateway to the Vale for the Great Khan and his forces move through, one of the first things that is created is the Black Mirror. The demon or demons then takes up residence in the mirror providing a number of benefits.

Those who have formed a bargain with a demon are strengthened in the prescience of the mirror. This strengthens all who have a contract but the greatest gain the most. While near the mirror it is said that the Great Khan cannot be slain and he and his guard will never know defeat.

It is possible to enter the mirror and commune with the demons present. This is extremely dangerous. Those who enter the Mirror cease to be, destroyed by the power of the between unless a demon chooses otherwise.

Shaman and their assistants have some chance of at least speaking with the demons before they are destroyed. Warlords have the right to commune (although the smarter ones generally bring a shaman in case the demon hungers …).

The Black Mirror

The Black Mirror is a focus for incredible magics and can be used to craft all sorts of magical products. This is the process by which all crafters are able to craft materials and superior weapons and armour using the fabled “machine” which is sited close to the Black Mirror (its recent removal from being adjacent to it has made Shaman happy everywhere).

The Black Mirror projects a field around the camp which prevents entry by the forces of the Northern Alliance.

The Black Mirror is vital to the Great Khan’s camp.

What the demons desire

The demons do not demand servitude and are contacted directly by shaman through the medium of the Black Mirror. They bargain offering reward for services rendered based on the quality and worth of what is presented to them.

At the base level they will provide payments for resources gathered within the Vale. Demons do not desire prayer or other services of worship, their services take the form of communion with all participating in an act of celebration.


Aside from the various protections and devotions that the Demonic Pantheon provide they are capable of bestowing more powerful gifts and rewards upon those upon whom their eyes focus. When this occurs via the actions of one who truly stands out or one whose gifts are above and beyond, specific favour may be bestowed. The form that this gift takes can vary greatly depending on the being who bestows it and the individual who is involved.

The Possessed

The ultimate bargains are the contracts that allow the physical embodiment of these extra planar beings to walk in the mortal realm, in some limited fashion.

Demonic contracts are intricately worded and laced with magic and energy. This contract is rarely written and signed, but no less binding for it. It allows a demon to join its nature with a mortal in a mutual bonding to create the entities known as the Possessed. These creatures are able to walk the mortal plane as a host of one of the demons in the mortal realm.

The path to Possession can be a long and daunting one: Firstly the supplicant must prove to a sponsor that he is worthy to be considered. From that point it is in the hands of the sponsor to determine the terms of the contract and the time till the supplicant attains his or her gift, if ever.

Importantly, only those with a soul can enter such bargains which are therefore closed to the Undead.

The Possessed begin to exhibit certain physical aspects as they grow in power and strength. These attributes vary by type but become more obvious and flamboyant as the years go by.


Demons in the Orc Khanate
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