Within the Northern Alliance there are beasts that are larger than their cousins the Beastkin.

Known as either Dire Beastkin, or Direkin, they are larger and more savage, exhibiting great strength and resilience, far beyond human or beastkin endurance.

Their power and abilities make them feared and mistrusted by many in the Northern Alliance.

Common amongst their powers is the ability to regenerate through incredible wounds, far beyond the tolerances of other mortal beings.

It used to be the practise to hunt such creatures down for sport, knowing that in the end it would walk away; but such barbaric sports have been outlawed. Instead they are encouraged to treat them well, as they make fearsome opponents on the field of battle.

Dire Beastkin go by many names based on similarities in appearance. Variations of feline and canine Beastkin seem to be the most common but others include rarer the hulking reptilian drakes, avian Raptors. There are many more species however, the above being the most common.

While they are respected and feared in equal measure for their massive size and incredible toughness, they are not mentally gifted. Dire Beastkin are not stupid, the problem is rather one of memory and learning. Essentially, they lack the capacity to develop their skills and abilities. This has tragic consequences for the cultural development of these creatures, being unable to develop their own separate cultural identities.

Dire Beastkin live as minority members of human and Beastkin society, many making their homes in solitary almost the forests or other wild environments.

Minimum Phys Rep

Dire Beastkin costumes should cover aprox. 80% of your body, including full face mask, hands and feet, as well as majorly altering the wearers body proportions to make them appear more inhuman.

Please contact the Ref Team in the Duke’s Camp if you wish to play a Dire Beastkin as they can help guide you in the creation of your costume.


You can gain inspiration from the many varied creatures of Greek Mythology – Cyclops, Giants, Gorgons. From Werewolves, Firbolg, Big Foot, and Yeti.

Dire Beastkin
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