With the rise of the former Duke of Tarren to the throne of the Kingdom of Elland; Her Majesty Elsbeth Wyrmsbane has created her own personal guard to replace the long standing Lion Guard.

These Dragon Guard are resplendant in the her colours of red and gold. The officers wear an insignia on the upper left of their tabards that denotes their rank, worn in the knowledge that they are the most trusted and high ranking people in the Kingdom. To be a Dragon Guard officer is to be sure in the knowledge that you have been tested in battle on the front lines of the war against the Great Khan whilst serving in the regular forces of one of the other armies of Elland. Only after proving yourself in battle by serving for five years on the front lines can you be considered for the Guard and even then only if recommended.

The Dragon Guard are to serve as a protector of all nobles that attend expeditions, especially the new Duchess of Tarren, Her Grace, Adrianna. They have also been charged with the stewardship of the guild of swordmasters. The grand master of this guild is the Knight General of the Kingdom of Elland. Recently the Duke of Wolfenesse has been appointed to this position, taking over from Ser Kaylen who moves on to become the Knight General of the Northern Alliance.

Many of the Dragon Guard have come from the Lion Guard, and so are fiercely proud of their positions and the traditions they uphold.

Dragon Guard