Eleanor of Wolfinesse, Healer in the armies of The Southern Marches.

The Duchy of Wolfnesse was the first land to be claimed by a noble from the Middle Kingdoms. The first duke, Brandon of House Dorwinion settled and founded the city of that name in the Southern Marches over two centuries ago. He named the region Wolfnesse and took the wolf as his banner and symbol. The current duke, Rodrick, has continued the tradition of fighting under the wolf and still resides in the city of Dorwinion as the ruling noble of the south.

Wolfnesse is a temperate and flat land with its border inscribed in the south by the flow of the river Styrix. The duchy’s territory used to extend beyond and across the river, but with the Days of Fire and the coming of the orcs these lands have been lost.

Now the imposing Haryn’s Wall marks the line of defence against the invaders and the duchy coordinates the war effort from Dorwinion. Rodrick liaises with General Haryn to ensure that the general has what he needs to stave off full scale invasion from the foul-spawn scum.


Like all cities and towns in the South, it has become by necessity a fortress and major garrison for supplying and housing the troops that defend the southern borders of the Kingdom.

Whether it is soldiers of the Legio Canis on leave from the wall, or the forces of the Middle Kingdoms and Northern Fifes sent to attack the Orc lands on a great crusade or tactical advance, the city of Dorwinion is the first staging point in their journey south.

Over the last decade the city has done away with what little luxury it had within its walls and is now a vast system of barracks and staging areas. From here, the King and his generals command the fates of those men and women sent to fight for the Northern Alliance.

House Ferrous

As the War of grew in scale and sucked in more and more of the world there was a growth in those who followed the path of the Warrior. House Ferrous; Wardens of Iron, knew that it was once more time for the Knights of Iron to step to the field.
Their knights were renowned for stern pragmatism, ferocious loyalty and resolve to match their namesake. A relic of ages past the orders traditions have survived with the current Lord or Lady of Iron. This tradition is a result of a solemn vow to fight for neither power nor glory, and a powerful rite which is enacted upon all members of the order upon their unburdening as knights. Its purpose is to render the members of the order ill at ease outside the field of war as they are kept from ease of mind till the war is ended. This creates soldiers whom are truly only at home upon the field of war, it helps with unclouded vision and creates calm killers of unparalleled focus.

With the war in the Vale reaping the rewards the Lord of Iron has taken note, seeing the means to end this war he begins to grow the order anew, leaving his young wife and children, he goes to the front to bolster the line with the Knights of Iron

We stand unbroken, blood of iron” is our battle cry.

Duchy of Wolfnesse
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