Within human lands, the dominant people of the elves are the Ethrin (“the people” in their old tongue).

These elves live within human society but also apart from it: while they live side by side they are not truly accepted, nor are they treated as equals. Elves cannot interbreed and so they are always viewed as a race apart.

Elves are not sufficiently powerful or numerous to be able to successfully form their own breakaway state without the cooperation from the humans, so instead live among them.

Times are changing, though, due in no small part by the actions of those that attend the Vale Expeditions. Through close workings with the gods, and the other races, they have achieved much that many thought impossible:

An Ethrin elf can has taken over the county of Caerlyn, and is allowed to have other Ethrin nobles beholden to them.

Andrastea Vera has become one of the most influencial members of the Northern Alliance with her cutting edge research on crafting, and her standing within the Guilds of Elland.

Traskin Firreth has become the first Ethrin elf to be granted the status of Priest within the Theocracy, paving the way for other Ethrin and Beastkin priests in the future.

Unfortunately, these are isolated cases, and whilst some minds have been changed many others preach the words of the Magister stating that elves simply cannot be trusted.

Within the southern cities of the Northern Alliance areas have been setup for the elves to live in, widely known as ‘Elven Quarters’. Only in the Northlands, where folk are judged more on merit than birth, do they tend to live alongside fellow races.

Minimum Phys Rep

Elf ears and tattoo marks on the face.

All elves believe that the tattoos on their face will convey their life to their gods when they move on. As such, a young elf may have little in the way of tattoos, but as they grow in talent and gain reputation these can become highly complex covering much more than their face alone.


City Elf from the Dragon Age games and books.

Ocedhel from the Midkemia books by Raymond E Fiest

Elves in the 4th Age – from the world of J R R Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

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