Heresy is not a federal offense and cannot be committed outside of those countries where it is an offense.

The worship of demons, and blasphemy are federal offenses. The Deities of the Federation are not just the Theocracy Deities. The current approved Federation deities, as approved by the Conclave, are: The Five of the Theocracy, Locain (an ethrin deity), Faedara (a feralian deity), and Rezan (a beastkin deity), the Five of the Plains of Life.

Working for the Khanate is a federal offence.

Murder of another country’s populace is a federation offense.

Theft of another country’s goods is a federation offense.

The Vale Expedition Leader is appointed by the Federal Council, and as such only reports back to them.

All Expedition members leave from The District of Caerlyn and are required to be in place ready for the expedition one week before the portal opens.

All Expedition members have access to gates (portals) to their homeland capitals.

Any law broken in the Vale Expeditions, as set out by the Expedition Leader, is breaking Federation Law.

Entering the Fane without rights to do so, is a federation offense.

Using the Crafting tables without the rights to do so, is a federation offense.

The selling of any research to forces outside the federation is an offense.

Federal offences can only be investigated by a Magistrate.

Federation Law