The human gods in each land are the same cosmic entities.

Depiction of the gods in the Northlands differs greatly to those of their rivals in the Theocracy, referring to them as the ‘sacred ones’ but in essence the root beings are the same.

The Theocracy will accept Nordländer priests even though their prayers may seem as heresy, after all they are still worshipping creatures within the Divine Assembly.


The holy men and women of the Northlands are known as hearth-priests.

There is no church or hierarchy, as there is in the Theocracy: rather, the hearth-priest tends to their folk in great rituals around the large hearth of their clan or hold, such as the joining or blooding.

Like their southern counterparts, hearth-priests are the main defence against incursions from demons and other threats to the soul. Using deep, sonorous chants called long songs to call upon the might of the sacred ones they tend to the spiritual well-being of their people.

Priests often use war hammers and trauma weapons which are blessed in the name of the Forge-Father and the Huntress.


Gods of the North
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