Feared and respected in equal measure, the Grey Vigil are the guardians of the faith.

They fulfil the roles of strike-force and secret police, specialising in the investigation of unnatural creatures and dark magic.

Their priestly leadership works undercover, operating in small cells throughout all human lands. The greatest leaders against the demons could be an Almitran merchant; a Noble of Elland; even a baker in the Shieldlands – such are their ways.

The Grey Vigil do not recognise mundane or noble judiciaries, answering directly to the Grand Circle of Faith.

Any warrior who believes in and worships the gods may be recruited into its ranks as a Vigilant, though such a move is not taken lightly. They will lose their name, their right to a family and all possessions when they do, and are forbidden from returning to normal society.

Unlike the bold Janissary Soldiers or shining Temple Guard, the few Grey Vigil who are seen are usually attired in an austere fashion; wearing dark grey cloaks and robes over their armour and obscuring their faces with battle-masks, with the only decoration on their equipment being wardings against the darkest of magic.

Nobody knows who or what they really are for a Vigilant must never reveal their face to any but their order and high-priests. In theory, they could be anyone and no-one.

Any contact with an unlicensed or faithless magic user will arouse their suspicions, and their form of justice is often severe. Heretics and apostates are usually gagged, hooded and taken to Sarqand, never to be heard from again.

Grey Vigil
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