The League is an independent Guild, created for the purposes of safeguarding the world from all threats, both internal and external. As such, it is the League’s policy that no member may be aligned with entities of great power, such as the Divine Assembly or beings of equal or even superior power. It is their firm belief that such alignments may bring bias towards some of the hard decisions and actions the members of the League may be called upon to perform. The prevalence of neutrality ensures that logic prevails in all things.

The League is led by Ser Burkhart Koenig, Knight of the Federation and Advisor to Edric Shadowbane.






With faith as diverse as the races of the world, is can be difficult to understand Divine Will and which path to follow. The Conclave was established in order to bring all paths of faith together. Regardless of which deity you follow, the Guild promotes freedom of speech and of thought in order to discuss matters of faith and theology freely without prejudice or the misdirection of the unfaithful.

The Conclave will often act on behalf of other faithful organisations to perform certain duties, for example, the Mage Trails of the Theocracy.






Formerly known as the Sub Rosa, The Exchange was restructured and legitimised through the Federation. It’s scope also includes scouting and intelligence gathering. Membership often requires a Trial which must be completed without discovery.

Although an awareness of the Guild exists, knowledge of the inner workings of the Guild is still a closely guarded secret, known only to members of the Guild.

The Guild may sanction the theft of certain items or goods from an individual or group, and such sanctioned activities are always accompanied by a writ signed by Edric Shadowbane himself. This allows the thief to act free of consequence, should they be caught performing their official duties.

The current leader of the Exchange is unknown.






All merchants and bankers must be registered with the Merchants Guild. This Guild was established in order to ensure that the economy of the allied nations is maintained. The amount of cash poured into the war effect over the past few years has nigh on broken the economy, requiring a new standardised currency and tighter control over spending to ensure that the foundation of the nations are not compromised.

The Guild ensures that all merchants and bankers act in the best interest of the Market and the economy as a whole, often imposing sanctions on those that break the rules of the Guild and risk damaging the economy.
The Guild is led by High Banker Taggogin Jhengy.






The Imaginarium is the Guild that represents the crafters and makers of the Federation. With nature of magic shifting, so too has the methods of crafting wondrous items and weaponry. The Imaginarium brings together all the creative minds of the Federation to research, understand and create new recipes and items.

This guild is key to the defence of the Northern Countries and bringing the fight to the enemy, and as such, members are held to extremely high standards, but good work is greatly rewarded.

The Imaginarium is led by Guild Master James Wlliam Ruffell.






The Circle of Mages is a branch of the Collages of Magic.

The current Dean, Coreysta Bashir, often leads the Circle in the field along with representatives of the Magi Custodia.

With the nature of magic changing, much still unknown about the long-term effects of this shift, and the nature of Void magic. The Circle exists to allow Mages to work together, share knowledge and experience, but also to ensure that the magic is used for the betterment of the Northern Countries, not to its detriment.






The Magistratum are the people responsible for maintaining and enforcing Federation Law throughout the Federation land and expeditions. Members of the Magistratum are not all necessarily Magistrates, but do have the power to detain individuals accused of breaking the Law. However, a Magistrate is the only person who has the authority to investigate a crime and act accordingly.

Due to the vast array of dangers associated with maintaining the law and handing potentially dangerous individuals, members of the Magistratum often go through extensive training and have access to powerful artefacts that allow them to carry out their function.

The Magistratum is led by the Chief Magistrate, Ser Kaylen.

The Royal Society of Barbers, Apothecaries and Surgeons was renamed as the Federal Society of Surgeons when the Guild was incorporated into the Federation charter.

The Society finds itself responsible for the health and well-being of all people that live and reside within the northern countries.

It seeks to lead all aspects of medical research and healing techniques and is led by Surgeon General Legato Verde.

Guilds of the Federation