After the Days of Fire the lines were drawn; the war became a global effort for survival. At this time the were no elves living within the Orc Khanate, but that was to change.

Three years later, what occurred will be forever known as the Night of Blood, when predominately Ethrin elves rose up against those that treat them like second class citizens, and brutally murdered them in their sleep, taking their faces as a trophy, a bastardisation of a Feralian ritual.

These elves made it to the lands of the Orc Khanate to be accepted into their ranks as the Haiesti.

They have no official place to call home, and many make their lives alongside other tribe members. They have an intrinsic link to the Demons that they are just beginning to understand.

Minimum Phys Rep

Elf ears and tattoos much like their ethrin and feralian cousins (which they came from).


Reavers from Firefly/The 100, Post-apocalyptic savages seen in films like Mad Max, Judge Dredd, & Waterworld.

Of all the races and factions in the Vale, the Haiesti are those who are most consciously evil; as they have murdered and violated the dead to get to their position.

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