The Homelands is the home of the Tulwar. It is all that remains since the Rebirth, and very few of the towns from that era remain. Located south of the Desert of Glass; for many generations they have remained hidden by the inhospitable desert from the rest of the Orc mainland.

Life in the Homelands is not easy, with water being a precious commodity. They have survived, though, learning to live off the land and sea.

There are numerous tribes throughout the Homelands. Some remain in the few towns that were left standing after the Rebirth; others have sought sanctuary elsewhere or live a nomadic lifestyle.

Throughout the Homelands there any many markers and shrines dedicated to the Four Demons; Rage, Seer, Unseen and Enticer. As well as places of worship or dedication, they are also often used to mark places of interest or importance.

To the North of the Homelands, is the Desert of Glass, home of many unusual crystalline creatures of unknown origin. The Crystal Wurms are a beautiful and deadly sight to behold. Few venture into those lands, and even fewer return, but those that do often bring back unusual materials and resources with which unique and powerful weapons and armour can be made.

The Oasis of the Sun

Located at the northern edge of the Homelands on the border with the Desert of Glass, is a large round oasis with 8 smaller pools shaped like pears surrounding it evenly. It is one of four meeting places used by the Council of Elders, and the only one large enough to allow many tribes to meet and share water. It has been chosen as the location of the portal to the Vale.


All Tulwar are devout followers of the demons, although they have been unable to speak with them since the Rebirth. Some claim to hear whispers on the wind, or receive unusual visions, but nothing like the Shamans of the Khanate have become so accustomed to.

The Tulwar hate the gods beyond all measure. To even speak the names of the gods is taboo and often leads to violence, even in the most peaceful of them.

At the age of 16, every member of the Tulwar must find their path. The path is a pilgrimage to greater understanding of their purpose and role in life, which cumulates into a realisation to which of the demons they are most attuned to. Every path is different, and some have never returned from their pilgrimage.

Upon completion of their path and selecting their patron, the Tulwar mark themselves with the Sigil of the Demon.

Although a member of the Tulwar chooses a single patron, the Tulwar revere all demons equally. Shrines and markers are often dedicated to all the demons, and it is very rare to find a shrine dedicated to just one.

Shamans often hold grand ceremonies at these shrines, performing rituals and providing gifts and reverence to the demons. These celebrations can take many forms, depending on the shaman or tribe leading the ceremony.

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