By far the greatest population of the Northern Alliance is the race of humans.

The Kingdom of Elland is composed of a noble structure which is almost entirely human, with many knightly orders which favor humans over other races.

In the Theocracy the Archimandrite and Hierophants are always human and only the rank of priest is available to the other races.

Within the Shieldlands the Merchant Princes value wealth above all, but even here you will find the other races have little foothold in the upper echelons of power.

The Northlands are slightly different where the Jarls are elected through merit; but the High King has always been a human, as far back as records go.

The Red Isles are an elitest culture of humans, which strictly adhere to the words of the prophet Livia and laws of the Theocracy. There are no members of the other races allowed in their communities

Look & Feel

The feudal system of the kingdom brings a heraldic look and feel to characters from this region. The Theocracy in a much hotter land, and as such has more Persian style robes and dress, whereas the Shield Lands have a mix of traditional and flamboyant styling. The Northlanders live in harsh conditions, and generally dress in padding and furs, commonly with war-paint and lighter armor than the knights of the southern lands.


Kingdom of Elland – Knightly orders, the Court of King Arthur, heraldic.

Theocracy – Parthian Empire, Silk Road cities particularly Samarkand, Byzantine & Bedouin influences.

Shieldlands – Classic Greek & Roman, Merchant Kings by Stephen R Bown.

Northlands – Fjordmen, Viking Raiders, Mountain People in Middle Earth.

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