Beyond the Bay of Almitra to the far South-West lies the vast territory of Istrinah: a land of rolling dunes and ancient customs.

Here, it often takes many days to travel across the sands to the nearest neighbouring settlements, which are normally found next to an oasis or river.

Such an environment breeds a hardy, superstitious folk, who look to the teachings of the Magister and the sacred verses of past Hierophants for protection; often adorning the walls of their dwellings and tents with invocations to the gods and their chosen.

Two minor pantheon deities are worshipped throughout Istrinah:

Being popular in the larger settlements of the region. In some of the more remote wadis and herding communities there are more hard-line sects devoted to the Judgement schism, who wear the emblem of the desert scorpion to protect against the supposed hauntings of scorpion women and other apparitions sent by an angry Father.


Known as the City of Towers, Vâlannar is a thriving centre of learning and scholarship, second in renown only to the Great Library of Sarqand.

Famed for the Blue Observatory and Lunar Spire of the Mother, many Faithful of means try and visit the City of Towers to seek tutelage under a High Priest.

Prior to the Great Cataclysm, it was viewed as the pinnacle of education for the sons and daughters of Elland’s upper echelons to spend several years studying in Vâlannar; although this has becoming increasingly rare, following the arrival of the orcs and undying ones.

In recent years, the Hierophant of Lore has sanctioned several Viziers to carry out large, magical research projects; teams of temple mages following the success of their allies (and sometimes rivals) in Ironmark.

Today, Vâlannar faces a new problem: immigration. As many boatloads of warriors arrive from the Red Isles, they bring their families, friends and a different form of worship with them. Whilst the Islander leadership officially deny attempting to colonise the rocky shores of Western Istrinah, several new enclaves of these so-called “pilgrims” have been established, preaching the Liviate Way to all those who will listen