Kingdom culture is heavily centered on loyalty to your house and a knowledge of your social place. From the lowly squire to the most honourable knight or court wizard, your house is your life and you will do your best to defend its holdings and honour. Your colours are always worn proudly as a declaration of the pride you have and as a reminder of the fealty that you owe to your Lord and by extension, to your duke or count and ultimately the King.

The majority of those who journey to the Vale do so with the sponsorship of one of these houses. Even the more lowly members of society ‘belong’ to the house that holds the land they work or where they live. It will be this house which sponsors their journey, doubtless due to their unique skills or abilities.

Those who are not a members of a noble house will most likely rely upon one of the new Guilds or the Faith for their sponsorship in the Vale. These organisations have members that are sworn to them as opposed to a House. They therefore enjoy a degree of autonomy within the Kingdom. They have their own colours and The Guilds are effectively Houses in their own right. They follow kingdom law but they are operate outside of the normal system of fealty and are sworn directly to the King. Therefore, there is a little more room for mobility within the guild class structure.

Sister Katherine of House Tarren Matron of the Tears of the Mother

Military style

Military style within the Kingdom is an extension of the feudal design. Grand armies are created from the smaller armies of the lesser noble houses. These are gathered together under the colours or symbols of house and county. This makes for a dazzling and sometimes garish conflagration of colours, all combined under one banner with plate and chain-mail armour glinting throughout and the purple and white of Edric’s royal house prominent in the mix. At the head of this army will always be seen the ranks of The Lion Guard, the elite legion of troops that guard the King and his family and wear his colours with utmost pride.

Kingdom Culture
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