Thomas of Brookdean, Squire to Sir Austyn of Dringwold, Knight of Tarren

There are many orders of Knighthood and famous legions in Elland. Some have existed for decades and even centuries with their history going back far beyond the Days of Fire. Others have sprung up since the world changed in response to the invading forces and the feelings that this generated, both religious, and martial. Players are welcome to play as a member of one of these organisations; please apply to the plot and background team. They may alternately, submit their own ideas for plot team perusal.

Lion Guard

Established years before the Days of Fire, the Lion Guard are the personal guard of the royal house of Elland.

Order of Scarlet Redemption

There exists in every society a particular group that believes that the end justifies the means. In the Kingdom of Elland this group is the Order of the Knights of Scarlet Redemption.

Legio Canis

This unit of faithful canine soldiers was raised early after the Days of Fire ended and it was clear that many new invaders assailed the borders of human held lands.

Swords of the Mother

Across the Kingdom of Elland there are many orders of nobility that noble men and women can join for glory and honour. There are few however that exist for purely selfless reasons.

Knightly Orders
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