Few outsiders appreciate (or have the time to study) the intricacies of the Mage Crafter’s Guild.

Though several smaller, independent societies and conventions of enchanted crafting existed before the Great Cataclysm, the new guild has centralised the power.

Some would argue that this has given them too much influence and wealth, but none can deny the skill of their fine craft.

From the traditional staffmakers carving under Academy pay, to the innovative gunmakers; there are many forms of Mage-craft.


A large number of the magical tailors of the former Republic fled to Ironmark during the Days of Fire, bringing with them their expertise in enchanted garments and accoutrements; wonders such as fireproof cloaks and silent-step boots.

Working primarily with the nobility of Elland and the Mages of the Academy, there are many useful enhancements they can lend to an item in their hands. Perhaps a self-repeating verse of mental protection on a wizard’s cloak? An invisible pocket to hide away secret letters? All of these were possible with the Mage Crafters – with enough time and money.

Sadly the resources used to create such wondrous items for show have long since disappeared with all funds funnelled into the war effort, but that has not lessened the need for them. Adapting to the war effort and working closely with the Academy of Magic these tailors now produce articles of clothing that allow the Magic Users access to new and more powerful spells than ever before.


This school of Mage Crafters concerns the creation of beautiful, magic amulets and fine artefacts, including the deadly pistol.

Though many would call them snobby and elitist, the fine crafters and artisans of Ironmark see this as mere jealousy. After all, who would not want a devotional ring with triple aquamarine, replete with a silver warding script to the Father? Or perhaps a blunderbuss, to hunt an entire herd of deer?

If you have to ask how much it costs, then you probably cannot afford it.


Carvers are responsible for the creation of spell-foci; the creation of Wands, Sceptres and Staffs.

This school may not be as glamorous as the jewellers with there filigree and fine metals, but it is certainly popular with members of the Academy of Magic everywhere.

There is a strong tradition of scrimshaw in the north, and whittle-witching in the forested parts of the Kingdom is thought to be as old as humankind itself. Despite these ancient ties, the arrival of strange new magic and the ever-present threat of betrayal or possession has led to the royal decree that any Carver wishing to practice their art in the Kingdom be required to be a guild member of the Mage Crafters.

Wood Street in the Guild Quarter of Ironmark is usually the best place to find a reputable member of the school.

Mage Crafters
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