The small mountain range to the south west, known previously as the Mountains of Myst, has grown as the cataclysm caused several mountains to explode. This range is now known as the Mountains of Fire because the night sky in that direction is illuminated by the earth fires that burn day and night in that region. The few people who have ventured into the mountains have never returned. Scouts exploring the foothills have found large numbers of dead orcs and goblins and there is no raiding from these mountains into the human lands to the north.

The Mountains of Fire touch the south west edge of the Theocracy but currently there are no incursions from this region although many priests in that area have sleepless nights worrying about what is to come. The rest of the Theocracy borders on the Kingdom of Elland and is currently secure from incursions, especially now that they have made peace with the men of the Northlands who historically raided the faith’s coffers mercilessly.

The Mountains of Fire have, since the Cataclysm been a place of fear and mystery to the Northern Alliance.

In year 11 a representative from the People arrived in the Vale, they claim to have built their city within the heart of the Mountains of Fire, but as no-one has been there to confirm this, it maybe sometime before the truth is finally known.

Mountains of Fire
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