When it comes to tinkering, the goblins aren’t the only ones that play at it. The Shaman of the Pyre do their own brand, creating new beings for the Great Khan, output from the breeding pools, the sludge of life that all orcs and goblins come from.

Somewhere between an Orc and a Goblin they were created to look more human to spy on their enemies, but the experiment was not particularly successful.

Their lives were spared by the Great Khan who saw something in their forming, that has led to a fanatical loyalty to him that worries the other Warlords in the Khanate.

Minimum Phys Rep

Brown, Grey or Green skin tones depending on the spawning pit you came from, a red hand print on the side of the face, an imprint from the Shaman that denotes you as a member of the Orc Khanate.


You are something completely new, who knows where you will fit into the society of the Orc Khanate.

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