The greatest population of the Orc Khanate are the Plains tribes orcs that are united under the Kargun, Great Khan of the Orc Khanate. The orc life is one of survival of the strongest, with regular testing to make sure that the one in charge is fit to be there.

Whilst the plains tribes provide the bulk of the troops, Orcs are also found in the River Clans which provide a corsairs and traders to the fight, with their war fleets.  Usually lightly armoured and fast moving, their cunning at naval tactics is impressive and unquestionable.

The third, much smaller, group of Orcs are found in the Mountain Kin-bands on the western edge of the Khanate lands. Generally of darker skin than their cousins the harsh climate of the living conditions generally breeds more intelligent viscous orcs that go on to become Warlords or Shaman.

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