The Northern Alliance is made up of a variety of races which are bound together in war against the Orc Khanate.

Where they not fighting this war though, there are separate fights between them that are best left to the history books.


The greatest population of the Northern Alliance is the race of human. In every corner of every land they have dominance. They breed faster and are have more children than any other race.


Before the Days of Fire there where no Beastkin; now you can find them living in communities that suit their living conditions; avian within mountain eyries, lizards within swamps, and wolves and other predators within the vast forests.


These elves live in the towns and cities, following and integrating into human society and community.


Unlike the Ethrin, these elves live within the wild or tribal roaming communities. Hunted by the Theocracy to almost extinction, they live with freedom within the boundaries of Forest of Caerlyn protected by the Kingdom of Elland, or free as mercenaries within the Shieldlands.

Dire Beastkin

Huge abnormal examples of Beastkin. They are the rarest of the races seen within the Northern Alliance. Generally they live outside of society, except for a few which have made their mark on the front serving at the very heart of the fight against the Orc Khanate.

The People

The last remnants of a once great civilisation, these constructs have a unforgiving hatred of the forces of the Lich King, and wish to see there complete and absolute destruction.

The Chosen

Those selected by the gods to serve in a manner more directly connected to them than that of the priests and other followers.

They are the champions, the paragons and the blessed that will bring the power of the gods directly to the front line of the war.

Races of the Alliance