Since the Days of Fire, both the military leaders and guild leaders have formally decreed that the new Sword-Masters Guild will have the first right of training in martial matters.

Led by the respected Lion Guard, the Swordmasters Guild is also the main entry point for any fighter wishing to join one of the esteemed fighting units of the Kingdom and her erstwhile allies. For the most part, the guild schools combatants along the three traditional lines – Bladed, Hafted or Light and Ranged. Their veterans are also responsible for training group tactics for the infantry units of Elland (and any willing allies) in the great conflict against both the Khan and the Undying Lands.

Although the Guild has the “Lion’s Share” of training contracts, other establishments do exist throughout human lands: from the warrior lodges of the Northlands, the gun ranges of Redharbour or the fighting cages of Kalash. In the Kingdom of Elland however the guild is the only way to be trained in the martial diciplines.

There are three traditional areas of training:

The Eternal Blades

Originally founded as a small shrine to the Warrior, the Eternal Blade is an exclusive training club for any man, woman, beast or elf lucky enough to buy or acquire a sword or any other unique, bladed weapon.

Membership is expensive, and there are several members’ halls around the human lands, ranging from Almitra to Lerentium.

It is especially popular with visiting Riance duellists, who fight within the ancient traditions of judicial trial-by-combat. Somewhat of a vulgarity among the other duchies, such professionals are nonetheless valuable to the great families of the East, who use them as a convenient alternative to spilling inheritors’ blood.

Town & City Garrisons

Whilst the duellists and fencing masters steal the limelight, it is the grim work of the tools of the soldier that truly come to bear on the new battlefields of the East and South. For all his fancy skills, that noble duelling sort isn’t much use against a rigid line of Undead spearmen or the shattering impact of an ogre’s maul.

For all the towns and cities without a Sword-Masters Guild, it is the responsibility of the local Castellan and their veterans to train new fighters.

For some, this means conscription in this needy time. The weapons supplied are simple, but effective damagers – like the endearingly popular spear and shield.

The Sentinel School

The Sentinels of the northern duchies are responsible for much of the field training in ranged and scouting warfare, be it longbow or arbalest.

They also police the use of more subtle weaponry, such as the dagger and throwing knife.

Whilst known as the coward’s weapons in human lands, such things are still useful in a night ambush or sneak-attack on enemy sentries.

Due to the murky reputation of their weapons, the Sentinels are always vigilant; ruthlessly punishing those who would use their craft on allies. To this end, any would-be “assassin guild” is always wiped out without trial.

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