Duchy of Tarren

The Duchy of Tarren is at the very heart of the Kingdom of Elland. It is here, from the city of Ironmark that King Elsbeth Wyrmsbane rules her kingdom and oversees the day to day maintenance of the realm and

Feudalism & Honour

Nobility commands respect whether its deserved or not and the chain of command in both peace time and war is rigidly adhered to. What these underlings really feel about their betters is most likely spoken about in whispered tones. it

Kingdom Culture

Kingdom culture is heavily centered on loyalty to your house and a knowledge of your social place. From the lowly squire to the most honourable knight or court wizard, your house is your life and you will do your best

Kingdom of Elland

Where once the Kingdom of Elland was just a minor border region at the outer edge of the Republic, the cataclysm and the destruction of the Republic has left them as the largest significant bastion of human resistance. There may

Knightly Orders

Thomas of Brookdean, Squire to Sir Austyn of Dringwold, Knight of Tarren There are many orders of Knighthood and famous legions in Elland. Some have existed for decades and even centuries with their history going back far beyond the Days

Mage Crafters

Few outsiders appreciate (or have the time to study) the intricacies of the Mage Crafter’s Guild. Though several smaller, independent societies and conventions of enchanted crafting existed before the Great Cataclysm, the new guild has centralised the power. Some would

Middle Kingdoms

For many years before the Days of Fire the royal seat of power in Elland has been found in the Middle Kingdoms. The royal capital of the realm, Ironmark sits in the centre of the rich and prosperous Duchy of

Mountains of Fire

The small mountain range to the south west, known previously as the Mountains of Myst, has grown as the cataclysm caused several mountains to explode. This range is now known as the Mountains of Fire because the night sky in

Northern Alliance

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